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Monday, May 31, 2010

YOCC Posts Powerpoint Video - Steps to post Powerpoint Slideshow as Video to Web Pages

Based on coaching from multiple internet marketing experts, YOCC is attempting to shift its message from technological capability to "speaking" to user need.

While this is an interim step, this post lists the general steps taken. I hope folks out there in the websphere find this information to be useful on some basis - I'm certain that similar things have previously been posted. Just trying to keep my toe in the water.

The general steps taken are:
  1. Construct the Powerpoint Slides
  2. Add narration to the slide
  3. Rehearse timings and and message delivery - got it down to 90 seconds with some effort.
  4. Save and backup the presentation as needed.
  5. Used a conversion program to convert the from .ppt to .mpg format - I used PresenterSoft Power Video ($150.00, approx)
  6. Converted the mpg to wmv format. I used Windows Movie Maker.
  7. Uploaded the wmv file to Youtube.
  8. Linked the Youtube video to my website homepage. My web host is GoDaddy, WebSite2Nite in this case.

You can view it at http://www.yourowncomputerconsultant.com/. Any and all feedback welcome.

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