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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

YOCC Helps Daughter 4aDay Upgrade Service Message

YOCC helped Daughter 4aDay to upgrade their web presence. Daughter 4aDay (formerly "Educated Companion" provides non-medical companionship services to older citizens. Nancy Burakoff and Janet Forte are partners in this emerging enterprise.

Immediate web presence needs included:
  1. Convert web hosting provider to allow for rapid, though robust, content management solution that includes a 24 x 7 technical support capability (YOCC assisted Daughter 4aDAy in moving to a GoDaddy basic solution)
  2. Edit original website text to more closely align with client need/service provision
  3. Upgrade the look and feel of the web page to be compatible with newly developed graphics on items like business cards, labels and stationery.

YOCC was able to complete the web deployment in less than 10 hours of consulting work.

In addition to the YOCC consulting and web hosting arrangement, Daughter 4aDay used Vistaprint products and services to complete the message/image upgrade.

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