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Sunday, July 11, 2010

YOCC Customer Uses Google Search to Resolve Stuck SD Drive in their Laptop

Rick McKenna, a YOCC friend/client had two technical issues/questions he brought to me yesterday.
  1. How do I remove a "stuck" Sony SD disk from the slot in my PC - it's stuck.
  2. My wife's email/Outlook (I believe) is stuck with a French Dictionary. What can I do to fix this?

These are two examples of things many could fix on their own - avoiding unnecessary consulting "fees". While lots of folks already know this, lots of folks are yet to pick up on this valuable piece of learning - Use the Search Engines.

I suggested to Rick that he put in a Google Search Engine query along the lines of "Sony SD stuck in laptop".

I got a call later in the day that Rick followed up on my suggestion. He found that MANY have had exactly the same problem and posted a wide variety of possible solutions - one of them (a bobby pin) proved to work for him.

Enthused, Rick's wife (Kammy) asked if putting in "Outlook French Dictionary" or a similar query in the Google Search Engine might yield a similar solution for her problem. Short answer is it did.

So, today's tips and tricks entry comes compliments of Rick and Cammy McKenna - before you go out and spend money on technical stuff you could likely do yourself, try looking it up on the web.

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